The Cactus Horse Ranch

Actualizado: 31 de mar de 2020


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Recommended by:

Kate Gerstler

“For age 8+ I would highly recommend the Cactus Ranch at Michmoret. Suitable for all levels, the hour-long ride at sunset along the beach is amazing!”


Horseback riding at all levels for families, couples and groups. Ride along the beach, cliffs, dunes, the Alexander River and the fields of the Tel Gador Nature Reserve Romantic trips including beachside picnics at sunset. Rides for couples followed by relaxing massages and a gourmet meal Bar/Bat mitzvahs, bachelor parties, and birthdays celebrated in a ranch style atmosphere…

The ranch offers a pleasant seating area where events can be held Production of recreations days combining a variety of activities… Ponies for children and much more …

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